Why at 27…

I think I’m 27 years old.

I say I think, cause honestly, I don’t really know.

I always have to look it up, do the math in my head, and then I know. It’s not something that I’m constantly aware of.

I don’t feel like I’m 27, which makes me think, does 27 have a feeling?

I tell my friends that all the time. They look at me as if I’m an alien. Most people don’t think about that sort of thing. Too much going on, too many things to get done, and I wonder why.

I’ve tried in the past… but I’ve never focused on one topic before, like what I’m about to do now.

Anime has always been a part of my life, even before I knew it was called Anime. It was there, and if I could remember, I would mention all the wonderful stories that shaped me, molded me. I have glimpses of it, I can remember fragments of it, not because I had a bad childhood or anything like that, it’s simply because I can’t seem to recall details, just flashes… does that make sense?

Let me start over again.

I remember watching Dragon Ball, not Dragon Ball Z or any of the other variants that came out afterwards, just Dragon Ball. Please don’t ask me what it was about, cause I can’t remember, but I saw it.

I was there.

I remember watching Captain Tsusuba. I actually had to look it up, the name, cause I couldn’t recall that either.

I wish I had better memories about it, cause I remember what I felt watching these series, knowing that they were different.

One of my earliest memories is Candy. 

Remember Candy?  It was this real old school shojo anime, it was a favorite of my mom’s.

One of my earliest memories revolves around that anime, where one of the main characters fell off a horse, I remember thinking about that moment for a long time, and wondering why. One of my earliest exposures to such a complex concept like death, came from a anime.

Those were the animes among many others, that I was exposed to, that I watched and enjoyed. It was my childhood and I am definitely grateful for it.

I have tried in the past to maintain a blog, but never with such a focus like this one. My past experiences have always been about me, and of my many crimes, I’m guilty of possessing no discipline towards my ventures. I would start something and then fail to see it through or worse, abandon it. This has been the case in many aspects of my life and my writing is no different.

I aim to change that.

Anime has been very kind to me, it has offered solace in times of loneliness, joy in times of despair, and it has helped me keep an open mind. I must pay it back in kind, and this blog is a way of doing that.

As it goes along, I’ll focus on the new and the old, the good, the bad and the mediocre. I’ll revisit a lot of them as time goes on, focusing on characters, plot, themes, world-building, etc.

As far as how often I’ll post, I’ll be no less than 3 times a week, but maybe more. I won’t rely on inspiration as I have in the past, for that is a tempting mistress that seduces you with fancy wordplay and inspired musings, but can and often does leave you at any chance she has.

Some of my work will be good, others, not so much. If you love your craft, any craft, it requires work on your part. It requires a constant effort, and the knowledge and wisdom to admit, to let go of the idea of inspiration. One must adhere to the idea of perseverance. It’s easy to write that, but difficult to put it into play.

No one wants to write something that might not be good. No one likes to fail, but, as I’ve learned the majority of my life, we have to fail. We have to fall flat on our faces. We let kids get hurt, not because we want them to, but so that they can know what it feels like, and learn from said experience.

Writing is no different.

I hope that as time goes on, my work steadily improves.

From time to time, I’ll stray off the path, and talk about a few other things, but for the most part, the main bulk of my content will be anime-related.

As for my page, it’s a work in progress. I’ll be working on it, little by little, getting it up to shape. This may take some time, but my content cannot wait, so we press on.

A few things…

  • Currently watching a few animes, with Shimoneta being the main one… (I have a giant backlog and I´m constantly saying I need more screens)
  • I often re-watch my favorites, so it´s not unusual for me to say I´ve seen it 3 or more times
  • Among my favorite animes are the usual suspects, but a few odd ones pop up from time
  • If I have to re-watch a really bad anime for you guys, I will, but I will not be enjoying it…
  • Gonna have to watch RE:ZERO from the beginning again, just to watch it the right way, can’t remember why I dropped it, it had plenty of episodes by the time I started it…
  • Hulu has a surprisingly good amount of animes, a fact I just became aware of in the last couple of days (this does not help my backlog at all…)
  • ReLife was amazing, and way too short, and I’ll make sure you never hear the end of that lol…

Be safe, my friends, and remember, there is always time for one more episode…


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