First Impressions: Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom or as I’ll refer to it from now on, AC, is one of those animes that everyone recommends and most of us watch if only to judge for yourself whether it’s good or not.

Lately, I’ve been in a rut, that particular rut lasted over two months, hence my absence for the last couple of months from the blog. It’s not that I’ve lost my zeal for writing or for anime, but for some reason, I needed a break.

I needed some time to re-evaluate myself, see where I wanted to go and how I was gonna get there, writing wise. I was suffering from writer’s block on all fronts, and it was starting to drive me crazy. It was the lack of a comfortable writing environment that was doing it and I had known for quite a while, but I finally took the plunge and splurged on a desk that was more my speed. It immediately did it for me, and now I’m just flowing with ideas…

Having said that, I jumped in and saw the first 2 episodes of AC…

So a few thoughts…

  • There’s no way you can judge a series as complex as AC after having only seen 2 episodes, so there’s no way I’m gonna do that
  • Having said that, I got a weird vibe out of it, like, I don’t know, right from the get-go, it was trying too hard, does that make sense? Hell no, and I know it
  • Koro-sensei is a good character and from the get-go I know I’m in for a treat, will stray from spoilers until I can see the whole series
  • Nagisa looks like a girl, and I was lost for the first 2 episodes, even though he was wearing pants lol…
  • Why would the Japanese government agree to such ridiculous terms?
  • Why did he blow up the moon?
  • Right from the first episode we’re getting flashbacks to an important event, an event I hope gets resolved
  • How do they know how to kill him?

You can see, as soon as I started watching the series, me and my idiot brain started asking dumb questions, you know, the questions that don’t make no sense. I usually over-analyze shows and movies after I watch them and I process them for a bit, so doing that right from the beginning is a red-flag for me.

I usually over-analyze shows and movies after I watch them and I process them for a bit, so doing that right from the beginning is a red-flag for me. Don’t want to do that, I want to watch the show and keep an open mind, cause right away there are things I like.

A large cast of characters, well developed, and decent themes that one can identify with is usually the sign of a great series, and I’m really hoping that’s the case with this series.

The disconnect between the admiration the characters feel for Koro-sensei and the fact that they have to kill him is real, and it’s a nice conflict I hope they put more work into…

I’ll give this series a shot, as I like to follow through on what I start, even when I watch the bad ones, and I’ve seen plenty of bad series along the way, I want to write about those as well at some point, so I’m hoping that AC doesn’t turn out that way, fingers crossed…

After I finish watching the series, I’ll revisit this post and go over some of the points I originally posted, I’ll highlight where I was wrong and where I was way off, seeing as how this anime was recommended by Kotaku, I have high expectations…

Those of you who already watched the series, let me know what you think, hit me up in the comment section, let’s talk for a bit…



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