Kiss Him, Not Me: The first 6 episodes…

This was unexpected.

This was sudden, and with no warning, and for the first 2 episodes, I gotta say, I felt a little odd. I can’t really remember what compelled me to watch this anime, other than, a weird sense of curiosity, cause it’s not really something that calls out to me on a regular basis. I have so many animes on my backlog that it’s not even funny, and yet, I put on the first episode, if only to give it a chance and then remove it from my queue.

Obviously, that didn’t happen, and I’m kinda glad.

This is not the first time this has happened. Recently, I watched a great anime called Monthy Girls Nozaki-kun, and it was pretty much the same thing, though I’ll save that for another post in the near future.

Kiss Him, Not Me so far has been interesting, well made, and little silly, well OK, not a little bit, but all in good fun. To recap, it’s about Kae Serinuma and how she’s a fujoshi. We quickly see just exactly that means, and it’s an interesting premise just right there. When one of her favorite anime character dies in a series, she sinks into a deep depression ( I get super upset myself but to each his own) and locks herself in her room for a week. When she comes out, she discovers she’s lost a lot of weight and is now quite attractive.

She’s not just quite attractive, she’s a stunning beauty, and quickly catches the eye of 4 of the most popular boys in the school, hence the title. While she’s busy imagining the boys kissing one another, they’re all just interested in her.

A few thoughts

  • I always heard that being an “otaku” in Japan is a bit of a turn-off and is somewhat shameful, but I always thought that was a thing of the past, the fact that it plays a major role in the anime was surprising to me
  • On that note, who cares what she likes, she’s hot… at least that’s their mentality for the first half so far
  • Buying manga is still a brick and mortar thing in Japan and they make various big events doing this, having seen this in other animes as well, my question, why Japan? Why? At least that’s what I thought until I made the connection that, it’s how small creators get started…
  • That reference episode is on point, and it made my day
  • Nishina is this anime’s Ami, and I’ll explain myself in just a moment.
  • So far through 6 episodes, I’ve laughed and thoroughly enjoyed myself despite the fact that it’s a shojo anime, and I don’t care.

Episode 3 has the school go through the classic “culture festival” arc that a lot of animes do, and while most are very long, this one only lasts one episode, and to me, that’s a shame, cause there was lots that could have been done with it.

Kae begins to drool at the prospect of seeing the boys in their outfits after the class agrees to a cosplay cafe. She dresses them up in various anime outfits, and hijinks ensue. There are lots of references to other animes throughout the anime, and to me, it was the highlight of the series so far, or so I thought

Episode 4 has them attending a convention during their Christmas break so that Kae can buy new books from established and rising authors. There she runs into Shima Nishina, who she mistakes as boy cause, c’mon, she looks like a boy. She saves Kae from a rude photographer and later, through amazing coincidence (not really, she’s a major character, she’s in the intro) it’s revealed that they all attend the same school. She later takes Kae and the boys to her home where we see she comes from an influential family and that it’s caused problems for her in the past. She’s a writer of BL content herself and that’s how she became aware of Kae, although she did all of this before Kae’s weight loss. It’s also revealed that she’s a major player for Kae’s affections, which effectively throws a wrench into the boy’s plans.

I said at the beginning that Nishina is this anime’s Ami, and I want to explain why.

I’m talking about Kawashima Ami, from Toradora.

  •       Both Ami and Nishina are introduced after the series and most of the major players are established.
  • Both characters are attracted to the MC, though Nishina is more straightforward about it.
  • Both characters are also quite intelligent, as they can see through everyone else’s intentions.
  • While their physical appearances differ, they both serve the same purpose and throw the established status quo out the window.

I’m sure there’s other similarities, but I’ll list them in my follow-up post…

Episodes 5 and 6 deal with Kae gaining weight and losing it back, and seeing the boy’s reactions to that. Again, lots I could say about these two episodes but I’ll keep it a brief for now, and say that I’m glad they addressed the elephant in the room, and I dig how straight forward Nishina and Igarashi were in this episode. I like little moments like that, they make the series a bit grounded, and give us a glimpse that they’re thinking the same things we’re thinking. Also the shipping war… I didn’t know that was a thing in shipping… guess I’m getting old

OK, so this wasn’t as short as I wanted it to be, so maybe my follow-up post will be, I hope, I really hope the next 6 episodes are on point, and the pacing remains constant.

We’ll see…



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