Small Thoughts on “Konosuba”

Even when I want to be brief, I find myself writing too much on any given subject. To curb this particular habit, I want to write smaller posts on some animes that I’ve seen that while are interesting, they don’t need long overviews or compositions.

Konosuba is one of those animes that came out last year when the “lost in a new fantasy world” genre suddenly became big again. There was quite a few of those last year, and I’ll be talking about some of those in my upcoming posts.

While the majority of the animes that came out focused on the individuals, and their internal and external strife that they went through, Konosuba is different.

Konosuba is on the other end of the spectrum.

A comedy with no qualms about trying to be serious whatsoever, I gave it a chance, simply cause the animation was pretty good, and Aqua catches your eye. More on Aqua later on,

A few thoughts…

  • Aqua is an idiot, and the fanservice is on point
  • Oh yeah, fan-service…
  • Kazuma’s death is one of the funnier moments in the series, in the first half and it still brings a smile to my face
  • Whoever runs that organization cares very little for Aqua, and that was funny too…
  • Darkness is the last member to join the group and she’s funny as hell, her eccentricities are a total plus, and don’t take away from the story
  • The story…it’s there, sort of…
  • The second season just started and it’s picked up right from where the first season left off

Kazuma is our main character, but as a main character, he’s pretty weak, despite the fact that he’s smarter than most MC when it comes to the ladies. After his embarrassing death, he meets up with Aqua, the blue hair goddess that is in charge of where some souls go in the afterlife.  After being told he can only take one thing to the next world, he jokingly says he wants to take Aqua, and his request is granted, much to the surprise of Aqua herself. After finding themselves in a fantasy world, Aqua is told she can’t go back to her old job until some big baddie is defeated, though there doesn’t seem to be a rush.

After you spend some time watching serious or emotionally driven stories, it’s nice to take a break and watch something that’s different. Konosuba is that kind of anime. Like I said, it has a story that’s there, but it’s kinda not the point. Hell, the first episode focuses on Kazuma and Aqua taking on regular day jobs and enjoying themselves. It’s only at the end of the episode that they realize that’s not why they’re here, though there’s no rush to do anything big. Kazuma at times is enjoying himself though most of the time, he’s just taking care of Aqua, Megumin and Darkness later on.

It’s ridiculous, it makes no sense, and its fan service is there, though it’s not overwhelming.

I can probably write more on this anime, but it’s not necessary. It’s a dumb guilty pleasure that I enjoy on a regular basis.

Maybe I’ll write more on it when the second season is done but in the meantime, it’s nice to just laugh and not think about the ridiculousness that is Konosuba.




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