The Beast Titan

4 years ago, I started watching Attack on Titan, and that’s where everything changed.

Attack on Titan is overrated, and it has a lot of flaws, and as a fan, it can be easy to overlook that but it’s true.

At some point, I’ll write something about that, but right now, I guess I’m just giddy about the fact that it’s back.

For years, my love of anime was tempered, cool, a nascent desire that was just waiting to grow. I’ve loved anime for years but it never escalated the way it did after I watched the first season of Attack on Titan. I know it’s not an amazing, life-changing anime, but for me it was, it kinda sparked something inside of me, and I found something inside myself that I’d lost so many years ago. It made me feel like a kid again, and that was a feeling I hadn’t felt since. All the characters had unique and distinct flaws, personalities, and quirks you instantly like or dislike.

After 25 episodes, that feeling went away. Reading the manga is not the same, but it was something to keep us at bay.

I wanted more, and I’ve found plenty of animes that have made me feel the same way, though not as intense. We always knew it was coming back, but year after year, and nothing happening, we wondered…

Attack on Titan season 2 starts with a bang, immediately taking us into the action. It reminds us that, despite the impressive victory, humanity still knows nothing about the titans or where they’re coming from, and what’s more, the danger is far from over.

Full disclosure before I continue,

I’m caught to the manga, I know what happens next, but I’m not about to spoil that for you, just in case you’re not there with me.

I’ve read a few reviews since the episode came out last Saturday, in fact, it’s kinda late to write a review, considering the next episode is only a few days away, but I just wanted to put down a few thoughts. A lot of people are complaining about the quick cuts and the way the story is moving forward, but I kinda like it. I like how the show is keeping us up to speed, giving us a quick recap of what’s happened so far, and moving us into what’s going on now, cause it’s been a while for a lot of people

Jumping into the storyline, we find ourselves with the other members of the 104th, those who didn’t participate in the operation to recapture the Female Titan. By now, the idea that there could be other traitors within the Scouting Legion has everyone on edge. In fact, it almost looks like they’re under house arrest, when all of sudden, there are Titans in the distance.

Before I continue though, the opening sequence with Hange and Pastor Nick was great, and I can’t remember if that was in the manga or not, but it was good, and it sets up even more intrigue. Titans inside the walls? How they’d get there? What happens if they wake up?

Lots of good stuff, lots of question to be answered, but in typical Attack-on-Titan fashion, we’re not getting those answers just yet, so we’ll have to wait, but it must be important.

The majority of the episode is spent with the other members of the 104th, and the emergence of the new Titans in the distance. This is a shock to all of us, as they’re inside Wall Rose, and last time we checked, they successfully defended Wall Rose in the first season, so where the hell did they come from? Has Wall Rose really fallen? The Scouting Legion quickly gets going and split up into groups to warn the surrounding villages of the attack.

Mike or Miche (why is his name being traduced that way?) decides to buy the teams some time and engages the coming titans, his skill being second only to Levi, but it’s the new threat that steals the spotlight here.


beast titan
monkey trouble…


The Beast Titan, with all his might and glory, makes his first appearance here, and I always thought it was nighttime when he did, don’t know why I pictured it that way.

He talks, and that’s what has everybody freaking out, cause, for the most part, we know that some humans can turn into titans, but we never heard them speak, no one of them ever displayed intelligence.

I can totally remember the first time I read it, but watching it, it’s completely different. You can see his power, his presence.

Animated exactly as it was drawn in the manga, the horse scene still has me geeking out, days later, and the way that he engages Miche is haunting.

It’s easily the best part of the episode because, for all his skill, his experience, and his talk, Miche succumbs to despair. You can see it on his face, his fear, the confusion that nearly drives him to madness in that moment. It was conveyed so much better in the anime, which is very encouraging of Wit Studios, who were criticized in the past.

A sign of good things to come.

When he finally does re-discover his inner fight, it’s much too late, the Beast Titan has taken his ODMG, and has left him to the mercy of the other titans in the area. I can’t really say we connected too much with Miche in the anime or the manga, we didn’t really know anything about him, other than his name, his rank, his skill, and what his death meant.

The Beast Titan was to be taken seriously, and he clearly demonstrates that here.

The anime ends with his gruesome, graphic death. Another sequence that was extended from the original source material, and we’re left to wonder, what’s coming next?

A sign of good things to come.

A few things,

  • Erwin and Levi were notified of the Fall of Wall Rose early on in the anime, but that’s all we get from them
  • We revisit the last scene with Eren and Mikasa, and that was one of my favorite moments
  • Eren’s flashback seems oddly out of place, but if it means a change between him and Mikasa, then that’s great, I hate the idea that most people have about him. He really does care about her, and maybe we’ll see that in this season
  • Sasha and Connie, always stealing the show
  • Nanaba is badass, even if we didn’t see her much during this episode
  • The Opening is OK, not great, but that ending….freaky…

I don’t know if I’ll be doing weekly reviews of the episodes, but I did want to talk about the first episode of the new season, and hopefully, the season ends where it’s supposed to end…


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