Southwestward is the third episode in Attack on Titan’s second season, and as such, it slows down quite a bit, not to say that this is a bad thing, as the show is notable for having ebbs and flows, but here’s where you begin to… feel the crunch, and bear with me on this.

     Southwestward starts where we left off, Connie and some of the members of the 104th still warning the surrounding villages of the titan invasion. They find no one at the village and come to the conclusion that everyone must have escaped successfully, despite the fact that all horses remain. It’s where we also see the titan inside Connie’s house talk to him, though Reiner denies hearing anything.

Reiner reminds him of his duty and urges him to continue on with their mission, leaving behind the mysterious talking titan.


No time for pretending we didn’t hear that titan talk now…


There are two teams still looking for the breach inside Wall Maria, and Ymir argues that they should be sent back, as they do not have the gear to fight titans should they encounter them. Nanaba denies her requests and they ride on. It’s here where we start getting some development from Ymir and Christa, a welcome change of pace from what we’ve seen so far.

It’s nice to get away from our main cast, if only for a moment… Continue reading